Updated Cleaning Schedule - Port Pirie Bus Shelters, Seats, Footpaths

A New Community Cleaning Truck has meant that Nyrstar in cooperation with sponsor Hazell Bros, has been able to extend its already popular Playground Cleaning Program to also incorporate the cleaning and washing down of Port Pirie Bus Shelters, Town Seats and Footpaths on a regular weekly basis. The chart below shows the schedule of when this happens.

Updated Port Pirie Playground Cleaning Schedule - March 20th, 2015

The Nyrstar Water Cart has been cleaning the playgrounds, streets, footpaths and bus shelters of Port Pirie for some time now. And with the addition of a new truck thanks to sponsor Hazell Bros, we've been able to extend the Cleaning Program. Here is a guide that shows which days Playgrounds are cleaned. All Playgrounds are cleaned in the mornings. Please refer to the separate Bus Shelter, Seat and Footpath Cleaning Schedule for that information.

Smelters Picnic at the Nyrstar Marquee

It was one of the best Smelters Picnics yet! Perfect weather, bumper crowd of 10,000 people! The 111th Smelters Picnic held at Memorial Oval and Park, Port Pirie was a great success.

The Nyrstar ma
rquee, located next to the Rotunda in Memorial Park continued on the tradition of lots of free fun treats for the children and families. Four sessions of the popular Dusty and Rusty Show, Animals Anonymous brought the 'Wildlife on Wheels' once again giving children the opportunity to pat and hold native wildlife! Old MacDonald's Farm was there again with their baby animals always a big hit with the children and the Environmental Health Centre provided the invaluable service of washing little hands after all their animal experiences! There was the ever popular free Facepainting and give-aways of helium balloons, wristbands and delicious Golden North icecream. Phea-bee and Pea-bee also made Guest Appearances!

There was also a great opportunity for the public to get a better understanding of the Transformation project with Nyrstar Vice President, Bertus De Villiers and staff on hand to chat with. A 3D model displayed the actual physical changes that would take place on site and storyboards and brochures gave the details of the project. The new TLAP banners were flying - TLAP stands for Targeted Lead Abatement Program and is the re-badging of the well know tenby10/Thumbs up project. It was a great day for the town and surrounding districts to enjoy, lap up a day in the sun, take part in fun
activities and strong community spirit.