Construction Update

News from 16th February 2017

Last week the last major module for the Acid Plant was installed at Wet Gas cleaning Stage 1. Although the installation was delayed by a few days due to unfavourable wind conditions, Module 119 was safely landed last Tuesday morning.

Weighing in at 250.9 tonnes and being 24.1 high by 24.0 long and 16.1 wide, the total lift with rigging was 367.8 tonnes. The complicated lift went well and took 5 hours to place the module on the foundations as it had to be manoeuvred over the top of the wet gas cleaning quench tower and supporting steelwork. At times there was only 60 millimetres clearance between the module and the fibreglass quench tower.

The heavy lift crane will now complete installation of the remaining modules and the roof for the TSL building.
In parallel with these major lifts there will also be a requirement to install structural steel to join the modules as the height of the TSL building increases. This will mean another crane capable of lifting structural steel into position (over the top of the last module) and down into the middle of the building will be required. – note that the height at the top of the last module is 78 metres above ground level.

The new crane will be assembled on site where the 137 metre long boom will be built on the ground between the site medical centre and the southern side of the TSL building. We will also soon see TSL module 84 installed.

Last Shipment of Modules for Transformation

News from 26th January 2017

Work continues around the unloading of the last shipment of modules from China and the subsequent moving of the modules into the Nyrstar Port Pirie site. All of the module arrivals, movements and lifts are being captured via drone footage which will eventually be condensed into one package showing the construction of the TSL and Acid Plant. Some of the drone footage is captured below during the unloading of the HHL Valparaiso last week.

Port Pirie Reputation Transformation

January 2017
The Port Pirie Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Nyrstar, the Targeted Lead Abatement Program (TLAP), Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North (RDAYMN) and Port Pirie Regional Council (PPRC) is leading and supporting the work being done regarding the reputational component of the transformation journey for Nyrstar and the Port Pirie Community.

Changing the Story about Port Pirie is a fundamental first step in bringing about change in perceptions.


Businesses are invited to an exciting promotional campaign which is to be launched at a Business Dinner on Wednesday February 1st, 6.30pm in Port Pirie.

The campaign is a natural progression in the positive positioning of Port Pirie at a local, state and national level and ultimately on the world stage.

Business Owners, to obtain tickets for the launch of the New Port Pirie Campaign please contact Mark Sheasby via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 1300 742 414.