The community van was originally introduced in 2008. It’s primarily an educational tool on wheels for the community, as well as a one-stop-shop for anything and everything to do with the project.

The van holds a good stock of free TLAP literature, from detailed overviews of the project and works so far completed, to family-friendly health and hygiene tips for around the home. It’s available for everyone. Members of the CANdo group and other TLAP representatives are always on hand to answer questions.

The van also has fun activities for children, like early childhood toys for toddlers and the handball target for school-age children, as well as competitions, prizes and giveaways for every age.

Booking the van

If you’d like to have the community van at your event:

Read through Van Guidelines and Application. This explains the purpose of the van and the type of events it can attend...

Van Guidelines and Application

Then fill out the Online Application Form below and submit...

Online Application Form

If you have any questions, call: (08) 8638 1500.

Once your request has been considered, the nominated event organiser will be contacted, and a letter confirming either attendance or non-attendance at the event will be sent.

Once a decision has been made for the community van to attend an event, information outlining necessary requirements – such as space and power – will be sent to the event organiser, along with a list of activities that will take place at the van.