Expectant mothers

  • If you’re pregnant, you will pass on your own blood lead level to the child you’re bearing. It is important to enrol at the Environmental Health Centre to be tested.  Your midwife or GP should notify you of this.
  • Before the baby arrives take care to ensure that the house is free from lead dust, that windows and doors are properly sealed, and that the air conditioner is clean. Make sure baby’s cot is placed away from the window.
  • You can contact the Environmental Health Centre for a home lead assessment, as well as advice on setting up baby’s room to make it as lead safe as possible. 
  • The Environmental Health Centre (EHC) is located at 117 Gertrude Street, Port Pirie. Telephone (08) 8638 4100. 
  • Confidential interpreting services from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are also available: Telephone (08) 8226 1990
  • The Opening Hours of the Environmental Health Centre are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday
For more information about protecting your baby during pregnancy and after in Port Pirie please click here