Procedures for the workers

Numerous policies regarding personal hygiene are in place at the smelter. They've played a significant role in lowering employee blood lead levels, as well as reducing the amount of lead dust carried off site.

As an employee or contractor at the smelter you must:

  • Make sure that you shower and wash your hair before leaving work.
  • Remove all contaminated work clothing and footwear, and change into civvies clothing before leaving the smelter.
  • Not wear personal undergarments with your work clothing. Always use T-shirts, shorts and socks supplied by the company. These are laundered on site along with other work clothing.
  • Use the over bag supplied by the smelter to put your personal bag and belongings into before you begin work. These are compulsory in some areas within the site, but all employees are encouraged to use them wherever they work.
  • Ensure that you use the supplied barrier cream that minimises lead bearing dirt becoming ingrained into your hands.
  • Not place your personal items that have been on site – even those that have been in your over bag – in your home where children can access them. These include such things as mobile phones and reading glasses.
  • Not use family cars that convey children and prams for getting to and from work, where possible, as this is a possible source of contamination for young children.
  • Keep work vehicles separate from family life. Children should never have access to work vehicles, or be driven anywhere in them.

Maintaining a clean, dust-free environment on site is a vital step towards reducing the amount of lead dust in the community. Numerous policies are already in place to limit the amount of lead dust leaving the site, and we're always searching for ways to improve these systems.