Bark chips replaced at the Netball Complex

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One of the many important aspects of TLAP’s work is a focus on delivering initiatives to reduce exposure to lead in and around our community places and spaces. Some specific activities include dust stabilsation through the application of bark chips in play grounds. Soft fall also protects children from fall injuries in addition with assisting reduce lead exposure.







The simple and effective act of washing and drying hands mitigates most of the exposure risk and should be the primary strategy.









It is important to recognise that bark chip playground surfaces require regular maintenance and top-ups to minimise risk to users from unprotected impacts when playing and also, in Port Pirie, to ensure that children can’t access bare soil. Working in partnership with the community is a key component to deliver successful outcomes and recently TLAP and the Port Pirie Netball Association Inc. worked to replace bark chips at the netball complex.

Thank you to everyone involved in delivering this positive community outcome.

See the TLAP Top Ten tips for more simple ways to reduce your child’s exposure to lead.

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