Book Swap Library

 In Our Community

Nurturing and supportive environments such as those at the Learning Together Program and all around Port Pirie’s early learning centres, foster key principles of growth and development and engage children’s cognitive, fine motor, gross motor skills and socialisation which can act as protective factors during a child’s early years. The Book Swap library encourages everyone to read and share books which supports language development.

TLAP was proud to support Early Childhood Worker, Monique Button’s initiative to start a Book Swap Library in Port Pirie, specifically using Picture Books. Monique said it was “pleasing to see families really engaged in the Book Swap idea and the TLAP bags keep coming in and out of the building as children use them for book bags.”

The link between reading to children and oral language development is significant. Children learn to talk by hearing words and being spoken to. It’s Monique’s wish for the Book Swap to encourage all members of the familiy to read and share books with babies, toddlers and pre schoolers to support their oral language development.

Learning Together Port Pirie is located at Airdale School complex. Phone (08) 8632 2633

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