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In October last year an opportunity was extended to Port Pirie Kindergartens, Early Learning Centres and Playgroups to access grant funding of up to $1000 (incl GST) for an initiative, or suite of initiatives, that will assist reduce lead exposure pathways in local facilities.

There was a 100% take-up rate on the grant funding and a range of different items request and a lot of thought went into how the funding would make positive difference.

Items which will be grant funded include but are not limited to:

  • Outdoor tables & chairs for eating off of.
  • Outdoor toy storage boxes (replace existing)
  • Outdoor shed for storage of outdoor play equipment
  • Shelving for outdoor sheds & storage boxes for outdoor use
  • Replace bark chips/soft fall
  • Vacuum cleaner & sand pit covers & outdoor storage boxes
  • Artificial Turf

This grant funding opportunity has been made possible via an arrangement between Nyrstar and David Cretan of Food Plus where by monies raised from on-site food vending machines is being donated back to the community for TLAP initiatives.

A co-contribution from TLAP has ensured we are able to increase the number of facilities who can participate in this grant funding initiative.

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Below: Local kindergarten children in front of their new toy storage box funded by a TLAP grant.

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