Lead Smart Tips for Gardening

This week’s hot temperatures are tough on our gardens. How is your garden coping?

It’s disheartening seeing plants burn and die in the sun and heat, but it’s worth persisting with our gardens as they play an important role in Pt Pirie. They shade our homes, cool our streets and parks and importantly reduce our
exposure to lead dust.

Here are a few tips from the TLAP team:

This keeps dust down and conserves water in the soil. You can use flattened cardboard boxes, straw, leaf litter and woodchips. These break down over time adding organic matter to the soil which in turn improves the soil’s capacity
to hold water. You can also plant ground covers. Myoporum parvifolium, also known as creeping boobialla, is a robust white flowering ground cover that is very happy growing in Port Pirie’s soils and heat. It can also be planted as a
lush green alternative to lawn.

Pomegranate flower

If you’re starting work on a new garden or you need to fill in some gaps and freshen things up, take a walk around your neighbourhood to see what plants are thriving. Take note of what is growing well in the gardens of older houses. This is where you find the survivors such as quandong, pomegranate, crepe myrtle, bougainvillea, lavender and rosemary.


Trees around a fence line and shrubs near outdoor living areas can act as a screen to windblown dust. They’ll also appreciate the water runoff from hosing off nearby hard surfaces. TLAP has just planted a green screen of Southern Cyprus pines in George Street to help reduce dust from the Nyrstar site.
Waterwise native plants that can handle our arid climate include saltbush, which can be hedged eremophilas and acacias.

Eremophilas are widespread in arid areas. Eremophila varieties Racemosa, Glabra and Maculata do well in Port Pirie and the native birds love their nectar.

Eremophila and Pigface

Once you’re done in the garden, remember our TLAP Top Tips. Wash off any outside toys, leave  your shoes outside and wash your hands. The TLAP team wish you a happy and safe holiday.


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