In Our Community

Since being implemented in 2014, TLAP’s primary focus has been on delivering programs that continue to reduce exposure in the community particularly while the smelter underwent the redevelopment. During this initial 3 year period TLAP has also started to increasingly focus on legacy lead issues and the importance of strategic work that has the potential to address it.


While the focus on strategic planning will be ongoing and will increase in nature during the life of the program, more recently TLAP is starting to deliver some positive outcomes of its initial strategic work particularly regarding legacy lead issues.

Five people holding a thank you framed collage at a Port Pirie Childcare Centre

The education, awareness and promotion regarding TLAP to date has primarily focussed on promoting exposure reduction community initiatives.


However now that important, and in some cases innovative strategic initiatives are beginning to be implemented in the community, an opportunity presents itself to promote this strategic focus and the future work that TLAP is embarking on particularly as it relates to partnerships and the requirement for different groups to work together to address legacy lead.


In coming weeks we can look forward to seeing the culmination of much work in developing new messaging for our community. We will see the messaging roll out across all mediums including TV, radio, print and digital.

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