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News from 18th May, 2017

Recently members of the Port Pirie Low Vision Support Group, an initiative of the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB), invited TLAP Implementation Manager, Dianah Mieglich to provide a TLAP update to their group.
This was not a routine presentation to a community group, and careful planning was required having regard to the needs of the members of the group in finding the best way to present the update. The update included a broad overview of TLAP and its aims was well as some of the community initiatives being undertaken in the community to minimise exposure particularly regarding young children.

As TLAP is a proud supporter of the Port Pirie Come See Change reputational campaign, Dianah was also able to discuss the campaign with the group and how the campaign is working to positively reposition Port Pirie at a local, state and national level and ultimately on the world stage.
When speaking about the TLAP community greening program, Dianah concluded her presentation by handing the guests a selection of plants from the Nyrstar/TLAP nursery. The plants were handed around so those present were able to touch and smell a variety of hardy plants including acacia, eremophila and citronella that are being placed in the community.

The RSB is a not-for-profit organisation providing services to Australians who have a severe vision impairment. These services are delivered by a professional, committed and highly qualified team supported by volunteers, drawn from all age groups and walks of life. Blindness or vision impairment can have a severe impact on a person’s lifestyle. The RSB assists people to overcome their vision impairment and participate independently in the community.


Below: Dianah Mieglich, Gill Tyler, Joan Richardson and Maple.

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