Rainwater in Port Pirie

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Drinking rainwater is a source of lead exposure which, together with other exposure sources around Port Pirie, can cause elevated blood lead levels. It is recommended that you do not drink rainwater in Port Pirie.

Questions you may have about rainwater in Port Pirie

Why is rainwater a concern?
Are there national standards for lead in water?
Is there lead in my rainwater?
How does rainwater get contaminated?
Can I drink rainwater?
Will boiling my water eliminate lead?
Can I use rainwater for cooking and food preparation?
Can I use rainwater for bathing?
Can rainwater be plumbed into my toilet?
Can I use rainwater for watering my garden and hosing down outdoor surfaces?
Does my plumbing contain lead?
Will a filter remove lead?
How could I clean and maintain my rainwater tank?
Can I get my rainwater tested?

Answers to all these questions can be found in the Public Health Services ‘Rainwater in Port Pirie’ Fact sheet shown under this quick reference diagram. For full information please refer to the SA Health website.

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