Thank you

 In Our Community

With the approach of Easter and the school holidays upon us, this time of year is perfect for amusing and entertaining the busy minds of kids outdoors.

This Autumn, rather than just reminding parents about TLAP and the TLAP Tips we’d like to thank you.

So, thank for being aware parents, and supporting the work of TLAP. Thank you for mopping your floors and always washing and drying children’s hands after play and before they eat. Thank you for every single little effort you make to keep on top of all that is required to be a parent in Port Pirie.

We know and understand that in the busy-ness of life and constantly doing the things we need to do to minimise exposure to lead that sometimes it is simply an effort getting to dinner time. So, thank you for getting your children to appointments, getting your children to school and play dates, to socialise and importantly for being parents who just want the best for their children.

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