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Milestones Achieved

The previous project, Ten for them (tenby10) has had a significant, positive impact on the Port Pirie community. It helped raise awareness about what needed to be done to reduce children’s blood lead levels, as well as what we could all do in our own homes and within the community itself to reduce exposure.

It’s vital that this attitude continues today and that everyone remains committed and dedicated to achieving the goal of every child in Port Pirie having blood lead levels as low as possible.

Some of the more significant milestones include:

for children

An increasing number of nutritional programs in child care centres, kindergartens and schools have helped to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy diet, and how it can have a positive impact on reducing blood lead levels.
Additional financial support to childcare facilities and kindergartens. This came in the form of free cleaning equipment, air conditioning units, new carpets and HEPA filter vacuum cleaners.

Handtowels and soaps given to schools and childcare centres.

There has been a continual general promotion of healthy eating and hygiene among all young people throughout Port Pirie.

And there have been some extremely successful childcare placements for children from high risk homes.

In July 2008 the 4shore SK8, Port Pirie’s first skate park, officially opened.

for the city

Dust monitors have been installed in the city to check on contamination levels. As of today, there’s a total of 13.

A series of TV commercials over the years have promoted community participation in reducing children’s blood lead levels, including many useful personal hygiene tips.

for the community

In May 2014, the Targeted Lead Abatement Program (TLAP) was developed to assess current and potential future community lead exposure reduction strategies and assess which are likely to have the greatest impact on reducing children’s blood lead levels. The Nyrstar Port Pirie Redevelopment Project will transform the aged Smelter into a multi metals processing and recovery facility which will deliver a step change reduction in emissions from the site. This along with TLAP aims to achieve significant reductions in children’s blood lead levels over the coming years

Nyrstar has committed up to AUD 3 million per annum for up to 10 years and a further AUD 5 million to accelerate the objectives of TLAP. The South Australian Government will commit approximately AUD 1.5 million per annum for up to 10 years.

The joint Nyrstar and SA Government Committee has been formed and facilitates the implementation of TLAP.


The community van was originally introduced in 2008. It’s primarily an educational tool on wheels for the community, as well as a one-stop-shop for anything and everything to do with the program.

TLAP community van Port Pirie

booking the van

If you’d like to have the community van at your event:

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online application form

If you have any questions, call: (08) 8638 1500.

Once your request has been considered, the nominated event organiser will be contacted, and a letter confirming either attendance or non-attendance at the event will be sent.

Once a decision has been made for the community van to attend an event, information outlining necessary requirements – such as space and power – will be sent to the event organiser, along with a list of activities that will take place at the van.

Phytoremediation Project

The Phytoremediation Project is located on Main Road, Port Pirie across from the Viterra silos.

The primary focus of TLAP is to deliver programs that assist reduce lead exposure in the community. With the redevelopment of the Port Pirie Smelter and the reduction in emissions that is expected to be achieved post commissioning, TLAP is increasing its focus on reducing legacy lead.

Some plants such as sunflowers have the capability to extract lead and other heavy metals from contaminated soils. This is known as phyto-remediation.

Data will be collected from both the soil and the plants as part of this trial with the sunflowers then being disposed of at the Port Pirie Smelter to immobilize the lead. Additional sunflower crops will be planted to continue to collect data and assist future Phytoremediation projects.

Using this process it is anticipated the level of heavy metal contamination in the soil will be reduced over time. TLAP undertakes research and collaborates with stakeholders to cost effectively address the issue of legacy lead contamination in Port Pirie and secure lower lead levels for children in Port Pirie.

Sunflower Farm

living here

Living in Port Pirie can be like living in just about any other regional city in Australia – only better!


How to carry out renovations while avoiding exposing you and your family to lead dust exposure.

greening the garden

Making your garden beautiful, and knowing that by using bark chips, lawn or even gravel to minimise exposure, you have done everything possible to make it lead safe for your children.

expectant mothers

Protecting unborn children and giving them the best start in life is easy: just have your own blood tested during pregnancy.