Using Rainwater in Port Pirie

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Winter is upon us and Port Pirie has had its first reasonable rain fall for the year. Over the long dry Summer there has been a buildup of dust and other debris on roof tops. This may lead to a concentration of lead contaminated dust being collected and captured with rainwater tanks.

It is recommended that you do not drink rainwater in Port Pirie. Water captured on roofs and other surfaces, and then stored in tanks can be a lead exposure risk. Drinking rainwater is a source of lead exposure which, can cause elevated blood lead levels.

Lead can be harmful to people of all ages but the risk of health effects is highest for unborn babies, infants and young children.

Rainwater should not be used for any purpose where the end product is consumed (by either eating or drinking). Find out more by contacting the Environmental Health Centre, 117 Gertrude Street, Port Pirie or phone them on 8638 4100.

Please refer to the SA Health website links below for more information on:

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Rainwater in Port Pirie infographic

Please refer to our FAQ page on this website for more information on questions about living with lead in Port Pirie.

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