New TLAP campaign launched

Today TLAP (Targeted Lead Abatement Program) revealed the latest iteration of its ongoing communication campaign aimed at reducing young children’s exposure to lead.

The campaign continues to harness the pride that Port Pirie residents have for their town and way of life, as the underlying motivator to drive better health outcomes for families.

Filmed right here in Port Pirie in the homes and backyards of local families, the new series of advertisements will start next week and be seen in the local paper, in our local community cinema, on TV and on local radio.

Peter Dolan the Executive Director for TLAP said that the communications campaign continued to explore the things about the town that the community felt were important and wanted to protect, with great health being at the heart of what was 100% Port Pirie.

“This year we have more of a focus on the importance of community, families and the next generation. Each of these three elements of our lives help us to be the town that we want to, and they contribute to a stronger, more vibrant and healthy community,” said Mr Dolan.

“From looking out for your neighbour, to looking after our kids, there is no such thing in Port Pirie as caring too much for those around us. It is this essence of Port Pirie that we need to sometimes remind ourselves of if we are to continue to increase the prosperity of our town, and it is what we have sought to capture in this iteration of TLAP’s campaign,” he said.

The campaign will continue to provide valuable information, tips and support to help reduce lead exposure in the home, as well as encouraging Port Pirie residents to reach out to TLAP to access their help, support and programs available to make a difference.

“Our campaigns are already making a difference with more and more members of the community ringing up or dropping by our office to seek help. Everyone we come into contact with is placing a premium on their family’s health, and we take pride in being able to deliver action that helps them. After all there is nothing more important than a healthy community,” said Mr Dolan.

This campaign will also see TLAP going door-to-door to speak proactively to members of the community to give a big push to its Homes and Houses program – a free service that

focuses on reducing or eliminating sources of lead exposure that are commonly found in and around the home. The programs can include carrying out works to reduce lead exposure including replacing bare soil, mulching garden beds or sealing gaps in windows and doors.

“We know that families are so busy these days and so we are being a little more proactive in getting out there in the community to give a big plug to the Homes and Houses program. We find that when we speak directly to families about the opportunity this program provides for a free property assessment, recommendations to reduce lead exposure, and action to make a difference – our take-up is very high and the health outcome for families is significant.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services on offer or what you can do to make a difference you can visit the TLAP office at 125 Ellen Street right next to the Port Pirie Regional Council offices or visit the TLAP website at for more information.