targeted lead abatement program.

The aim is to ensure that children between 0-4 years of age, living in Port Pirie, have blood lead levels as low as possible. More >>

our community

A revitalised business and civic vision are reshaping Port Pirie. After more than a century of hard work and leadership, the city’s unique place in the world continues to grow. Port Pirie is a proud community, making a vital contribution to the state of South Australia, the nation and the world through its precious resources, secure industry, and commitment to human health, environment and community lifestyle.

The Smelter Redevelopment along with Council-planned renewal and new infrastructure projects means Port Pirie’s future is not only secure but will become an exciting regional hub full of promise and greater possibilities for its community. We are a city determinedly contributing to an exciting future.

The Port Pirie community has been paying close attention to living with lead for many years. The Environmental Health Centre was established in March 1984, to deliver the South Australian Government’s Port Pirie Lead Implementation Program. These programs, Ten for them and tenby10 had a significant, positive impact on the Port Pirie community, helping to raise awareness about what needed to be done to reduce children’s blood lead levels, as well as what we could all do in our own homes and within the community itself to reduce exposure. TLAP was established in 2014 to continue the work of these programs and are now a major component of the Targeted Lead Abatement Program (TLAP), which together with the Smelter Redevelopment project, aims to achieve significant reductions in children’s blood lead levels over the coming years.


2019 TLAP Awareness Campaign

So much as changed in Port Pirie but some things remain the same. Do you remember the 10 Tips for keeping families healthy? An exciting revamp of the way we view the TLAP Top Tips has been launched. 10 years ago Port Pirie locals were featured in an awareness campaign which focussed on simple ways to reduce exposure to lead.

Those simple messages haven’t changed but the people, families and children, who featured in the campaign have. They have been brought back together, some 10 years later and are sharing the Top Tips again.

living here

Living in Port Pirie can be like living in just about any other regional city in Australia – only better!


How to carry out renovations while avoiding exposing you and your family to lead dust exposure.

greening the garden

Making your garden beautiful, and knowing that by using bark chips, lawn or even gravel to minimise exposure, you have done everything possible to make it lead safe for your children.

expectant mothers

Protecting unborn children and giving them the best start in life is easy: just have your own blood tested during pregnancy.